The Dreams Chasers……Failure vs Success

pic Originally appeared in The News Tribe on  Apr 11th, 2013

Failure is something we all are familiar with, Sometimes as a student we try to cope up with the trauma of performing poor in exams and at other times we get disheartened about state of affairs at our jobs or business.

In relationships, the pain of a lost love or inability to meet the expectations of our dear ones is also a manifestation of failure. Thus a frustrated father, an anxious mother, a suspicious spouse, an offended friend, a disgruntled student, a depressed business man and an unsatisfied employee are all symptoms of a reality that someone somewhere is failing to deliver.

In the voyage of life, crests of success and troughs of failure are something that makes our lives uncertain, unpredictable and full of surprises. There is less of a doubt that failures leave more lasting impressions on our lives than the successes do.

If we critically analyze the lives of successful people, the post success response and reaction would be different in each case depending upon the individual personality and circumstances. However on meeting a failure the attitude of such people have a striking resemblance.

The successful people unlike most of others do not let themselves to sink deeply into the delusion of defeat. They try and try again and sooner or later raise themselves from the depths of failure to the zenith of success. Probably that is the reason ‘the wizard of Menlo park’ and the great inventor, Thomas Edison famously said “I will not say I failed a thousand times rather I will say that I discovered a thousand ways that can cause failure”. A cursory look on the lives of successful people would reveal similar attitude and mindset towards a failure.

Albert Einstein, one of the most genius people ever born was not able to speak till the age of four and was regarded as a hopeless case. Walt Disney the revolutionary media tycoon was fired from the newspaper for lacking imagination and having no original ideas. In recent times the basket ball legend Michael Jordan when failed to be selected on his high school team locked himself and cried.

Steve jobs, the famous founder of Apple Computers met his devastating failure when at the age 30 he was removed from the company he founded. Oprah Winfrey, the queen of modern T.V was removed from her job as a news anchor for being not fit for the television. The world music sensations Beatles were rejected by a recording studio with a comment that they have no future in show business.

More recently the story of J.K Rowling the famous author of “Harry Potter Series”, offers a true inspiration. Her book was initially rejected by a dozen publishers over a couple of years .It failed to catch the attention time and again but eventually was published and rest as they say is the history.

Route to the success might be different for everyone. For few the lady luck might have smiled at an opportune moment and for others the resources and guidance available became the reason. Yet for others the support of their family, friends or the social connections turned out to be the “X- factor”. However it was the attitude in the face of initial failures that became the overriding factor.

In one way the failures are a way of nature to prepare the individuals for harder times to come. Hence the difference is the attitude during one single moment of failure that decides the future.

If one grabs the moment and keep going than successes elevates a person and every failure elevates him or her even further. On the other hand for those who give inn, failure becomes acceptable, they sink deeper and deeper into abyss of failures and eventually fade in time.

This attitude towards failures applies equally to our daily lives. If one wants to get good grades, search a good job, outshine in career, lose weight, quit smoking, practice religion or do exercise it is our response to the initial failures that decides the final outcome. The tough gets going when the going gets tough is not a child hood mantra but the truest of life realities.

Hence trying and chasing a dream against all odds and failures should keep one going. A journey in right direction is habitual of revealing the success sooner or later.


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