The Dupatta Theory

Ibn Azhar I Works

dsd originally published on The on  25 feb 2013.


Sometime back, National Assembly Standing Committee for Information and Broadcasting proposed that female news anchors should compulsorily carry a dupatta when on air. FULL STOP. Without commenting further let us take a deep breath, just to relax and think again. Done? Now, read on…

Those of us who are from the single channel generation of the 80’s and 90’s must remember that the female news caster of those days, Legendary Shaista Zaid and Ishrat Fatima (later Saqib), were the true household names. Besides their poise, dignity and composure; they had a typical outlook, most iconic of which was their dupatta pinned up neatly on their heads. But the time forwarded really fast and the so called “liberalism/modernism” seeped in and the masses became “cultured” enough to appreciate the beauty, clothes, makeup and moves of female anchors/news casters.
Simultaneously, the dupatta slipped…

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